Meet Ellie Turk, Your Marketing Strategist

Taking high level marketing strategy and implementation, and making it easy, accessible, and fun for entrepreneurs.

Marketing can make or break your brand – let’s transform it together!

Ellie specializes in crystallizing your brand’s voice and vision, then translating it to reach more people and create more growth through digital marketing.

This looks like strategic email marketing, social media content, podcasts, powerful and downloadable resources to connect more people with your brand, website pages, videos, ad campaigns, and graphics that all speak to the people who need you the most. But this isn’t just a bunch of great-looking and sounding content. It is all created to follow a powerful marketing strategy that delivers the results you need to see in your brand.

Ellie’s Professional Background

Ellie got her start in the entertainment business field, running a music label and later a full service multimedia production company and multimedia production studio in South Holland, IL. She has consulted with and helped to launch over 43 small businesses and entertainment brands through branding, marketing and creative content services. She has also taught entrepreneurship and marketing to college students at Moody Bible Institute, a university in Chicago, IL.

What Ellie Does Today…

Ellie now works as a chief marketing officer and strategist for small and medium-sized businesses. She works directly with owners and founders to create powerful marketing strategy for their business goals. Then, she leads creative team members through implementing all aspects of creative and technical marketing. She founded The Mobile Creative and curated its services to provide meaningful partnership to brands that make a difference in people’s lives. She especially serves values-driven businesses and nonprofits with her enthusiasm, expertise, and creative implementation.

Ellie also trains entrepreneurs to market their businesses effectively through online courses, including the popular 6 Week Digital Marketing Intensive and her Instagram Growth Course. In addition to these courses, she offers many specific services in marketing to support small businesses as they grow.

Why Entrepreneurs and Founders Love Working With Her…

Marketing can quickly become expensive and complicated, unless it is your field of expertise. It can also be frustrating to work with creative team members who have different benchmarks and need specific communication to be successful. Ellie knows how to optimize marketing efforts to create an ROI that make sense for your budget. Also, because Ellie has worked in creative fields for 20+ years, as a musician, graphic designer, web designer, photographer, filmmaker, and creative director, she knows how to communicate from both sides of the project. This takes the stress off of owners who know what they want but don’t know how to get there, and off of creative teams who need more clarity and direction than most people outside their fields can offer. Want to hear from our clients? Check out these case studies.

Marketing and Business Experience

2022 – Present: CMO, Marketing Strategist, and Creative Director

As the founder of The Mobile Creative, Ellie works with businesses and brands to create strategic marketing plans and execute on them. She marries years of creative expertise with over a decade of practical business and marketing experience to help her clients find success in digital marketing.

2021 – 2022 Founder and Lead Creative, D3T Media Suites

Ellie designed this multimedia production space from the ground up to offer studio spaces for podcasting, film editing, photography, and music production. Her studio offered creative space on the south side of Chicago for local artists and businesses to work. She also offered professional production services to clientele.

2013 – 2020 Owner and Operator, D3T Productions

This digital media company offered photography, videography, graphic design, web design, brand and artist development, and music production. Ellie worked in all areas as the lead creative producer and director.

2018 – 2021 Music Program Coordinator, Moody Bible Institute

Responsible for leading all marketing and planning efforts for the music program’s enrollment and 50+ annual concerts. Led a team of 15 – 18 people at any given time. Produced annual Christmas Concert with 200+ performers, 15 minute theatrical production, and 27 – 35 musical selections. Strategized departmental decisions with Dean of Music for tickets sales and enrollment.

Ellie’s Education and Awards


  • Masters of Science in Business, Entertainment Business and Law Focus, 2015
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Composition and Technology, 2013


  • Meta Certified Digital Marketing Professional, Renewed 2023


  • Women In Film Festival Screening Selection, 2021
  • Best New Independent Filmmaker, Independent Shorts Awards 2020
  • Most Selected Films, Indie Shorts Fest 2020

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