The world of social media marketing is changing, and as entrepreneurs we all want to keep up! So how do you manage the constant changes in the “algorithm,” and what actually needs to change with your strategy? In this quick blog, we’ll be sharing how to use Instagram for your business as part of a digital marketing strategy. We’ll share key takeaways from the changes we saw in 2023, what to focus on in 2024, and simple ways to get started.

The Instagram Experience in 2023

Instagram changed a lot in 2023. We began with a flood of reels, and everyone said that reels would be how you could grow. Then, reels began to lose traction and we all shifted to carousels (posts with multiple pictures) and longer videos. After that, people began complaining that there was no visibility and growth regardless of what they posted. So we were all left floundering amidst changes and shifts in the app without a clear plan forward. Many people left the app or gave up entirely. However, there is hope for Instagram in 2024!

What To Expect on Instagram in 2024

What should we expect in 2024? Many people are still focused on content TYPE – videos or photos? However, the purpose of Instagram always was to connect through images. Creators of the app expected people to grow micro communities around a shared interest. This is my recommendation for your Instagram presence in 2024! Focus on building a community through your content. This can look like being relatable, humanizing your areas of expertise, and engaging in conversations with your followers. There is a lot of creative freedom here, so I don’t recommend looking for a BOX to fit into. But you absolutely can use a framework (like this free 30 Day Content Plan) to get started!

Ways To Get Started on Instagram In 2024

Where to begin first? I recommend taking some time to think about your content. What do you want to say? How do you want to say it? Don’t overcomplicate this! You can keep it simple and genuinely YOU. This will connect best with your audience and make things far less stressful. I think the number one mistake I see people make is overthinking and over-complication. Social media is meant to be a tiny piece of you, so give them a tasty piece! Short, sweet, and simple is the easiest way to keep your audience interested in what’s happening.

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How To Use Instagram For Business

There are some guiding principles for conducting business on Instagram that you can follow as you create your content. First, don’t be overly sales-y. You have a business. People know that. However, they are looking to connect with you before they purchase. So give them the opportunity to do that! A lot of “gurus” recommend a 2-3 ratio of content. Two pieces that are directly selling, and three that are not, each week. I think that organically engaging people in conversation and offering your services or takeaways as a solution is a better approach. Let people be a part of the community you’ve created around your expertise and sell as a part of your expert solutions. Second, be yourself. There’s no need to copy other people’s styles or content. Use what you have wherever you are! You can also plan days to create content, but if that’s too much pressure, simply create throughout your day. Third, trends are good but they aren’t the foundation of a strategy. If you find a trend that you like, make it your own! Use it in a way that speaks to your people and continues the conversation you’re having collectively.