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The 30 Day Content Challenge For Service-Based Businesses

Get ready to nail your content strategy, grow your reach, find new potential customers, and hit new goals!

If you’re anything like most business owners, you have an amazing service that few people are taking advantage of. You can solve some real problems in their lives, so why aren’t they working with you? Most likely, they don’t know what you actually do. We’ve found that content strategy as part of a 360 strategic approach to your marketing can bring exponential awareness to your brand! If you’re ready to reach the people online who need you most, keep reading…

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What Is a 30 Day Content Challenge?

The content is a strategic, 30 day plan for your service-based business. The challenge is for you and your team to develop consistency in your message, posting, and engagement over 30 days. But don’t despair! We have made it easy for you. We’ve built out the 30 day plan following a proven strategy used within our Marketing Machine for brands. Then, we created a kickoff and a series of live trainings in November 2023 to guide you through the plan! It’s so simple that your only responsibility is to DO IT!

I Don’t Have Time For a Challenge! Business is Challenging Enough.

You’ve got a point. So don’t think of this as a challenge. Think of this as your new social media marketing strategy for the month. You have a proven system to follow and a template to get it done. Remember, the real challenge is consistency – and that’s true for any area of your business.

I Downloaded The Plan, What’s Next?

Great work! You took the first step! Now, watch the kickoff video or follow the instructions below…

First, review the whole plan. You’ll notice different forms of content (ie. videos, images, reels, graphics and carousels with multiple posts that your audience swipes through). Don’t write off one type of media just because you aren’t comfortable with it. One of the reasons we say to follow this plan as-is for the first 30 days is so that you can become more familiar with how your audience responds. If you find that one form of content consistently performs the highest, you can work more of this into your plan in the next 30 days.

Second, block off some time in your calendar to create the content. We recommend 1-2 hours per week.  Also, consider creating the content for the full week in one or two days and pre-scheduling it. This will remove some of the stress placed on you to stay consistent.

Third, pull any media you already have and can re-use (aka repurpose) for this challenge. Present it in a fresh way and use it to boost your content preparation.

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When Do I Start Using The 30 Day Content Plan?

TODAY! We will always tell you to start today. If you’re joining us for a live challenge, then you should begin planning content today. If you’re jumping in because you just found out about it, you should STILL begin planning content today. It is never too soon to begin creating content and sharing your services. The number one killer of business is doing things without strategy. The second one is procrastination. You already have the strategy. Now, all you need is to start.

Ready For More Strategic Support?

We offer a variety of services under the umbrella of Fractional CMO! Start with clear, proven strategy to nail your business goals, then execute it!

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Free Marketing Strategy Call

Bring your questions, examples, and goals to this call with one of our experts. We’ll work with you to advise on quick solutions, what to expect, and tools that can help. Schedule your free or extended strategy call here.

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This cohort is brought to you by a lifelong entrepreneur and marketing strategist. Each week, Ellie will share over a decade of experience with you. Entrepreneurs who register will learn proven systems for marketing online through email, social media, and Google. You will also gain templates for continued success, and have weekly live trainings, coaching, and feedback. Learn more and register for the next session here.

The Mini Instagram Growth Course

Stop fighting the algorithm and trends! It’s time to actually create consistent growth on Instagram through The Mobile Creative’s proven Content Machine system. In this 60 minute training, you’ll learn the strategies you need and receive the tools to implement the system in your business. Get the course on demand here.

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Ad Campaign Management

Let’s dive into a strategy for ad campaigns that will actually work! From kickoff to monthly development and management, we are here to lend our expertise in driving growth for your brand through marketing efforts. Find out more about our services here.