How many unread emails are sitting in your inbox right now? 5? 10? 500? I unashamedly have 1000’s. So why would I have the audacity to say your business needs an email list? Because out of those 1000’s of unread emails, I’m opening the ones with sales, messages from my favorite brands, promotions, and announcements. And I’m way more likely to buy from the ones that email me.  Statistically, email marketing has the highest ROI of any other form.

The simple action of subscribing means they’re interested. It’s more powerful than a Facebook like or Insta follow. It’s a commitment. You’re messaging them directly every time you hit “send.” 

So how do you take this connection and use it to develop a true customer relationship? I’m going to tell you, and you will understand why your business really (actually) needs an email list.

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The Beauty of Owned Traffic

What is owned traffic, Ellie? I’m so glad you ask. It means that you have direct access to the people who are seeing your content, messages, offers, and more. 

You see, Facebook owns all the followers who are on your business page. And it controls whether or not they see what you post. The same goes for Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. That platform owns its traffic, not you. This is why you may feel like you’re stuck in the battle of the algorithm just to get 10 followers to see your post. 

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Social Media Is Not Equal To Email

When you have someone’s email address, you can reach them directly in their place of business. After all, when a bank sends your statements, it’s not to your DM. It’s to your office address and/or your email. So when you’re sending important information, leave the appetizers on social media. Send the meat to your adoring email list! Your owned traffic expects you, and they deserve the best. 

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The Investment and Reward

Cultivating an email list takes time and money. I know, it’s another marketing investment. At the time of this blog I personally manage nearly 10 businesses’ email systems, but I haven’t taken the time to create my own. Instead, I email each of my clients individually when needed. Let me tell you, it’s less effective, more time consuming, and doesn’t tell me anything about how interesting they found my message. Oops! 

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So What’s The Return On An Email List?

When you’re paying for an email server and using it regularly, you get a huge return. Easily send a personalized message to many at the click of a button, track what emails are being opened and by who, build trust through consistency, and stay in touch easily with all your customers and leads. 

The ROI on email marketing averages 20-30% when you’re selling a product or service. That is still higher than any other form of marketing!

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But I Don’t Have Time for Email Marketing

All forms of marketing require a time investment, and most require you to pay some fee as well. However, whether your DIY-ing, delegating to an internal staff member, or working with an agency like this, the only way to increase the volume of sales and scale growth is to market your business effectively. And email lists are one of the only forms of contacts you actually own.  So whether you begin with email marketing, word of mouth, trade shows, or networking, email should be a key supporting pillar of how you interact with your clients and market your business. The bottom line is that if you’re investing time and money into marketing, your email systems should be a priority. 

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